"People Expect Good Service But Few Are Willing To Give It."

  • Bulk Supply Of Dhoop & Agarbatti/Incense Sticks

    We supply the bulk quantity of dhoop and agarbati or incense sticks to small and medium scale entrepreneurs. Bulk order can be of raw unpacked products or well packaged box packing with your own branding.

  • Job Work For Dhoop & Agarbati

    We provide the outsourcing and bulk job work of regular manufacturing of small and medium scale business 's requirements in dhoop and agarbati products range.

  • Re-packaging & Re-branding Assistance

    It is your business, your branding and your market. You just focus on your market & sale ... rest of the burden is on us. We do everything for you; right from idea inception, brand registration, brand logo design and everything related to your brand and your market needs

  • Packaging Designing & Material Procurement

    We will help you in getting your product packing designed, printed and delivered for you. Packaging is one of the first thing a customer will see even before using your product so a due consideration is needed to select the perfect design for the targetted market.

  • Cost Management & Consultation To New Entrepreneurs

    Every wrong choice you make in selecting the material will bring down your profitability. So to spend your budget to its maximum utilization, we bring to you our experience in making the best choices of selecting material, sizes, colors, designs, fragrances to get the best product in minimum cost for a targeted market. For example - what material to use for rural market; what fragrance to use for best regional impact; what kind of design/packing/material to use for premium segment.

  • Perfumes & Essential Oil Procurement

    80% of the dhoop & incense sticks being sold in market today are scented and comes in various fragrances. To cater to such a huge need of various small & medium scale entrepreneurs we supply and provide such best quality aromatic and perfumery products and essential oils at the best prices. We supply wide range of fragrances from common flavour like sandal, rose, wood to distinct and rare aroma like rajnigandha


Dhoop & Cone

Dhoop & Cone
  • Traditional packing
  • Guggal Dhoop
  • Conned Dhoo
  • Colorful Cone
  • Scented Dhoop
  • Agarbatti/Incense Sticks

    • 6 Inches to 12 Inches
    • Made In India & Imported
    • Scected & Nonscented
    • Traditional Black Color
    • Various Bright Colors
    Dhoop & cone


    Fully Automatic Incense Sticks Making Machine.


    Who we are

    We are one of the north India 's largest bulk supplier and manufacturer of Dhoop, Agarbatti, Incense sticks. Our expertise in this field has helped many new businesses successfully and are profitable. We initially started this as only a small family business but later we entered each dimension of this business. Our this entry into various related channels and not just manufacturing helped grow our own business and also gave us the depth of pain point of this industry. Our expertise is built on very strong fundamentals which we have learnt practically with time based on cost/budget analysis, market segments identification, building strong sales channels.

    We have a vision to serve the businesses with best of our efforts to help them maximize profit for every penny you are planning to spend for all budget kinds.


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